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29 April, 2020


My name is Agustin J (AJ) Reyes. I go by rayjkayj. I am a Chiptunist. I have been composing chiptunes since 2014, though I have been making electronic music since 2006. I recently, in 2017, begun composing for games. I primarily compose music with the YM2612 fm chip which is most well known for being used in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. I am capable of making music with soundchips from other systems such as the NES/Famicom and PCEngine/Turbo Graphix 16 to name a couple. I can make non chiptune music as well if needed. I have listened to video game music for so long that my brain is like a VGM Jukebox. In truth i am not the most talented but I believe I make up for that with my growing passion for making music for games.

I am looking forward to working with you on your project!

A list of DAWS I use:

  • VGM Music Maker: What I have used to make most of my genesis music.
  • Deflemask Multi-Chip Tracker: Currently my main composition software.
  • Sunvox: Using to make music in the style of the Sega Master Systems YM2413 fm chip.
  • Famitracker: Still acquainting myself with this one.
  • Ableton Live: For SNES music using the C700 VST plugin.

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